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Label LabelCode
Dice Records DIC
Die Laughing DLA
Diet Toad DIE
Dill DIL
Din Records DNS
Dine Alone Records DAR
Direct Records DCT
Disco Pinata DCO
Disembodied Records DSE
Disgusto DIS
Disques Corde DSQ
Diverse DVS
Dizzykiss DIZ
Dlk Enterprise DLK
Dobre DOE
Doc City Productions DCI
Documentary Arts DAI
Dolly Records DLL
Dolphin DOL
Dominic DOM
Domino DMI
Domino Sounds DMN
Don't Give Up Prod. DGU
Don't Panic DPC
Done Deal Ent. DDL
Doomtree Recordings DMT
Dorje Ling DJL
Dot Point Period Records DPP
Double Barrel Records DBR
Double F Records DFF
Double Trouble DBT
Double-time DTR
Double-time Jazz DTJ
Downtown Records DWN
Downward Road DOW
Doxy DOX
Dr Horse DRH
Dr. Pluto's DPM
Dr. Strange DSA
Dragon Rose DRR
Drastic Plastic Records DPR
Droffig DRF
Drunkabilly DRU
Dry Heave DYH
Du Nord DUN
Dubble Barrell DRL
Duna Records DNR
Dune Altar DTA
Dunk Yer Funk DNK
Dunkeld DKL
Dymaxion Groove DYM
Dynaflow DYF
Dynamic DRC
Dynamic - Italy DNM
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