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Lord Give Me Strength - Early Recordings 1952-1964
Release Date: 7/20/2018
Format: CD
List Price: (A19) $19.98 

Widely appreciated for his bluesy and powerful style, blind singer/pianist/choir leader Prof. Harold Boggs, was admired for his ability to write songs with infectious lyrics like,"When It Hits You", "That's It', and "That's Where It's At." The bulk of them recorded by the fabulous Nashboro label. Gospel historian Opal Louis Nations portrays Prof. Boggs intriguing life story while also giving space to Bogg's protege, Lula Reed. This CD is the firs to be entirely devoted to his music. 28 track, 75 minute collection.

Dead Moon
Release Date: 7/20/2018
Format: TC
List Price: (B125) $125.98 

(Book + 2- LP set) 12.5 x 12.5-inch cloth and leather bound hardcover 300 page full color art book. The cover has die cuts embedded and holds 2 LP's. Dead Moon were a D.I.Y. band, active for 19 years. Singer and guitarist Fred Cole was playing music since the early 1960's - beginning his career as "Deep Soul Cole - the white Stevie Wonder", then joining the psychedelic garage rock band the Lollipop Shoppe / The Weeds. In the 70's and early 80's Fred and Toody Cole played in various punk, country and hard rock bands. In the late 1980's, they formed Dead Moon with Andrew Loomis. This band went on to become mythic and legendary. They lived by a DIY code built around superstitions and avoidance of conventional music industry pitfalls. Their story is completely unique amongst the pantheon on rock bands - a group who never sold out, never gave in and built a legacy of art and community piece by piece in a sustainable way almost unheard of. The book is a tribute to their unique aesthetic, unbelievable twisted path of a story, and roll as pioneers of the Portland music scene. The book tells the entire Dead Moon saga in the words of the band itself. Just the voices of Fred, Toody and Andrew. It includes a complete illustrated discography of everything Fred, Toody and Andrew have released, song lyrics, and TONS of band photos, flyers, and weird ephemeral stuff. Lots of it has never been seen by the greater public. The package also includes 2 LP's of the "best of" Dead Moon - lovingly remastered from the original tapes. First edition is ultra deluxe, using great faux leather and cloth. Very sturdy construction.

When The Levee Breaks
Release Date: 7/20/2018
Format: RR
List Price: (A1320) $1320.98 

(3-10" Reel To Reel Set) The Vanessa Fernandez Led Zeppelin covers album and audiophile hit recording will be available on 1/4 inch 15 ips reel to reel format. All tape copies will be dubbed from the original 30 ips 1/4 inch analogue master by Bernie Grundman mastering. Vanessa Fernandez covers Led Zeppelin classics in an "unplugged" style. Featuring Tim Pierce (guitar/slide guitar), Chris Chaney (bass), Jim Cox (keyboards), Jim Keltner (drums), Luis Conte (percussion) and Charlie Bisharat (violin). Brilliant rhythm guitar and solos from arranger-guitarist Tim Pierce including an extended electric guitar solo on the rock version of "Whole Lotta Love" as well as killer vintage slide work on "When The Levee Breaks;" awesome drumming and majestic kick drum work from Jim Keltner on "Kashmir," "Babe" and "Immigrant Song;" driving electric bass lines from Chris Chaney on many of the tracks; memorable B3 and Wurlitzer fills and runs from keyboardist Jim Cox. Audacious violin solos and fills from Charlie Bisharat on "Kashmir" and "Immigrant Song." •1/4 inch 15 ips stereo •Dubbed from original 1/4 inch 30 ips stereo masters by BGM •3 x 10.5 inch reels •Includes one 60 second 1khz alignment tone •Packaged in three plain white tape storage boxes •Repro of original cover including track listing enclosed in Box 1

My One And Only Thrill
Release Date: 6/13/2018
Format: LP
List Price: (B81) $81.98 

(2-LP set) Melody Gardot's songs on her album "My One and Only Thrill" already feel like classics, possessed of a timeless quality rare in today's pop music. The one non-original song here is her brilliant take on the Wizard of Oz chestnut "Over the Rainbow". Two songs on this album were co-written with Grammy-Award winner Jesse Harris. This album achieves an air of sophistication due to the talents of producer Larry Klein (Grammy® Album of the Year winner for Herbie Hancock's River) and the tasteful orchestrations of Vince Mendoza. 180 gram 45rpm double LP set. Mastered by Bernie Grundman from the original analogue master tapes & pressed at RTI! (Previously deleted:11/1/17. Original release date:2/17/15)

Dream Shadows
Release Date: 7/20/2018
Format: CD
List Price: (A17) $17.98 

(5% DISCOUNT THRU 7-27-18) On this, his second CD for Rivermont, pianist William McNally performs classically-influenced ragtime works by William Albright, William Bolcom, Igor Stravinsky, David Feurzeig, and William McNally. Each of the works on this recording is a unique essay on how ragtime could potentially be defined. Bolcom's ever popular "Graceful Ghost" and Albright's "Morning Reveries" are richly textured works of exquisite beauty while Stravinsky's more abstract forays into ragtime reveal the influence of musical cubism. (And Feurzeig's "Stride Rite" adapts Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring" to a stride piano setting!) On the playful side, McNally's own whimsical "Mocha Monkey" perfectly captures the syncopated swing of an imagined ragtime jungle. These are intricate compositions and performances brimming with vitality and genuine emotion to savor over and over again. Includes a 20-page illustrated booklet with extensive commentary by the artist. 12 selections, 57 minutes.

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