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How will my order be shipped?

All orders are shipped directly from our warehouse via USPS Media Mail or First Class Mail.

To specify a different shipping service such as
USPS Priority Mail or Priority International, the request can be made using your order's comment field.

How soon will it be before my order is shipped?

Normally orders are shipped within 24 hours of the first business day after payment has been received.

How will I keep track of my order's progress?

You will receive an email when our Order Dept. sees your order, and another when it has been shipped.

You can also track the status of your order by looking at the Shopping Cart that was used for the order. This will show your order status as Received, Awaiting Payment, Payment Received, and Shipped. If there are any problems with the order those will be shown as well.

The status area on your cart will also show any shipping tracking numbers.

What payment methods are accepted?

Any payment method acceptable to our payment processor - PayPal, check, or money order for payment by mail. Please do not send cash.

What is required to use the shopping cart system? Do I need a certain browser?

To use the Order System, you need to have cookies enabled, and your browser should allow the referer to be sent. Browsers normally default to having both functions on.

The system should work with any browser made within the last ten years.

Javascript, Flash. or other similar technologies are not required.

What should I do if an item is listed as out of stock?

Check back later but keep in mind replenishment time frames can vary from weeks to years.

How do I use the Shopping Cart? Why does Show Cart not work?

A new Shopping Cart is created when you add your first item to your cart with the Add To Cart or Buy button. Using Show Cart before this will just print an error message.

You can add any number of items to your cart using the Add to Cart or Buy buttons anywhere on the site. View cart can be used at any time after the first item has been added to your cart. You can change the quantity of any item by typing in a number to the Quantity box, and hitting the RETURN key. To remove an item completely, use the delete button on the right side of the item.

Provided your browser does not delete cookies between sessions, you can leave the site and finish an order another time.

How do I Check Out to complete my order?

Check Out must be started from the Show Cart page. When ready to Check Out, just hit the Continue On To Check Out link at the very bottom of the Show Cart Page.

Check Out is a three step process. The first page will ask you for your name, shipping address, and email address. The second will show you a summary of your order, with tax and shipping charges included for your final approval. The third step gives you payment options.

If you choose the option to mail in your payment, you will be presented with a form to print and mail in with your check. If you choose a credit card payment provider, you will be taken to their site to complete that option on a secure site.

What is our return policy?

Your order is checked manually by a skilled, music-loving caring human and also with the use of a bar code scanner, to make every reasonable effort it is correct, before it is packed. However, if what we ship you is not as described, or it does not play, we will exchange it for a new copy that is correct.

If we do not have the item to exchange, your entire purchase price will be refunded promptly, including the freight.

How do I make a return?

1) Contact us via the email address you received your order confirmation from. Please include your name, address, and invoice number.

2) Describe the nature of the problem

3) We will send you a message with return instructions

4) Within a week of receipt, you will be sent the replacement or refund:

a) if we shipped you faulty goods or made an error in shipping the wrong item, your refund will include your postage costs. If it's our error, we pay the cost of fixing it

b) if you ordered the wrong item you will pay the postage for return, and receive credit only for the item, not the shipping. There will also be a deduction for the freight it cost us to ship the item even if your order qualified for free shipping. If it's your error, you pay the cost of fixing it.

5) At your option, if we do not have the item to replace, you may choose credit instead of a refund.

What is your Quality Control policy?

Since all of our items are factory sealed we will not be responsible for an item's condition unless (you ask us to) inspect it. Even though incorrect, defective or damaged product is very rare, we highly recommend that you allow us to inspect your item before we ship it out. Just let us know by writing INSPECT when making your purchase.

Here's an example of a manufacturing problem discovered by our inspection process.

If there is something wrong with your record that could only have been seen by such inspection, and you did not request it, we will not be responsible for the cost of shipping the faulty product back here, or for the shipping of a replacement item to you. We will replace the faulty item, however, as long as you pay these freight costs.

Also, many LP buyers prefer to have the disc shipped outside the jacket to minimize damage to the jacket. If you have requested that we inspect the disc, then we'll pack it outside the jacket.

How do I save on CD International shipping costs?

If you want to get freight $avings, for CDs that are packaged in jewel cases, you can request to have the jewel case removed. If you choose this option we will reduce your freight cost by $1.50 on the first CD title and $0.50 for each additional CD title. Just let us know by writing REMOVE JEWEL CASE(S) at the time of your purchase.

What are your International shipment policies?

We enclose an actual invoice with your shipment and do not falsify customs valuations.

If you are at a foreign address where there are customs duties, and you have ordered an amount that puts you just over the limit for avoidance of such duties, we're willing to do you the service of discounting the merchandise a little upon request, if you'll allow us to make up for it with an equivalent increase in shipping and handling fees.

Please Note: Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer's responsibility. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to buying.

What are your hours of operation?

Monday - Friday: 8:00AM to 5:00PM (Pacific)

Is your site secure?

Secure transactions are required for online transactions which involve sensitive personal information such as credit card information.

In our case, we use the secure facilities of Paypal (and other secure transaction providers the user may select) for this purpose. In the third step of our checkout process, you will have the opportunity to select a secure provider for the financial portion of the transaction.

Once selected, you will be taken to their secure site, which will be an encrypted site with a URL which begins with 'https' instead of 'http'. Your browser may have other means of indicating a secure site, if so, you should insure that the indication is properly shown - and should not continue unless this is the case. Please contact us if this should ever happen.

Prior to the secure portion of the transaction, the only information stored on our site is:

1. The items in your cart, under a number.

2. For a short period of time while you are in the process of checking out, your name and address (No more than is available in any phone book).

3. If you choose on 'Checkout Step 1: Shipping Information' to save your name and address data, it will be stored on our system indefinitely so that you may call it up to avoid having to type the information in again for a susequent order. If you do not wish this, leave the checkbox in its default unchecked state.

Once you order is complete, all information relating to your order is removed from the system except your name and address IF you chose to save it.

No sensitve credit card information is ever stored on our site, nor does any even pass through our servers momentarily.

I tried to change the quantity in my cart but it did not change!

You must hit RETURN in the Quantity field. This causes the page to reload. Just clicking outside the field will not work.

If the correct quantity still does not show up after the page load, try holding down the SHIFT key while clicking the REFRESH or RELOAD button on your browser.

If you STILL have problems, read the section below titled Proxy and Cache Problems.

I tried to delete an item in my cart but it did not delete!

When you delete an item, you should be taken to a page which says:

"Success! The record has been deleted. Please use the BACK button on your browser and then reload the page to see the change."

When you hit the BACK button on your browser, you MAY be taken back to the previous cart page that is stored in your browser, and which does not show the change. If you hit RELOAD or REFRESH on your browser the page should reload and the page should be visible with the correct change or a page indicating your cart is empty if you deleted the last item.

If this does not work, try try holding down the SHIFT key while clicking the REFRESH or RELOAD button on your browser.

If you deleted the very last item in your cart, you may have to hit the BACK button twice and return to the cart using the view cart link (which will just telll you your cart is empty).

If you STILL have problems, read the section below titled Proxy and Cache Problems.

Proxy and Cache Problems

Browser Caching

Some browsers store copies of pages locally ('caching') to improve page loading times for the user. Most of the time this is fine, but it can cause problems with online forms such as shopping carts, because it appears changes are not being made when they actually are.

Most browsers have a setting that can change how agressive they are about doing this. If all other fixes mentioned above do not work, you may need to change this setting. Unfortunately different browsers store these settings in different ways and in different places.

In Internet Explorer, try looking under Tools - Internet Options - General - (Temporary Internet Files) Settings - "Check for newer versions of stored pages" and check "Every visit to the page".

In Firefox try looking in Tools - Options - Advanced - Offline Storage. You can clear the cache there or override the amount of cache available (try settng it to a very small amount temporarily).

In Opera try Preferences - Advanced - History - "Check if cached page is updated on the server" select "Always"

Proxy Caching

Some systems us a 'proxy' which does caching similar to the browser caching mentioned above, except that the pages are stored on a server. This can cause similar problems if it is set to cache very agressively. It is unlikely you will see this problem unless you are on a very large corporate or government system, or are using an AOL account. If you suspect this is the problem, you should tell your local System Administrator about the problem - they may have a fix.

Often a simpler alternative is to order from home, or a different system, avoiding the proxy completely.

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